Monti Dauni

Mount Dauni: at the top of Puglia

Protected by Verisgn




Mount Dauni are the only mountain range in Puglia, a continuation of the Campania Appennines; easily reachable from Lucera, they extend to the western part of the Capitanata, over a rather homogeneous territory whose peaks are never more than 1000 metres in height, and are generally divided into Northern Subappennino Dauno and Southern Subappennino Dauno.


As a melting point of traditions, history and uncontaminated landscapes, Mount Dauni preserve remains of different old ages, from the Pre-roman and Roman age to the Byzantine and Norman age, up to the Swabian domination.


The slopes and valleys on the surrounding landscape, location of highwaymen incursions throughout the centuries, offer a walking path through the woods. And in this land of castles, few kilometres away from the Lucera bed&breakfast Relais in Contrada , small towns and typical villages perched on some of the highest tops in Puglia, hosted eminent personalities and, still nowadays, have really fascinating historic centres.