Holidays in Puglia

a magical land

Protected by Verisgn


Puglia, an ancient and charming region, is one of the areas that suffered most from alternation of peoples and different dominations, all the same starting many traditions and  customs that make it charming to people of different education and culture, on holiday in Puglia.


In this magical land, intellectuals and sportspeople, youths and adults, can find space and time to cultivate their interests or to be simply lulled by the sea and the smells of the earth. Both landscapes and cooking colours are charming to people on holiday in Puglia, whose attention is captured by continual hints to the mysterious East, in very enjoyable shape effects.


The richness in Puglia is clearly due to its double nature of material and ideal bridge between East and West, that are destined to cultural clash, reciprocal cultural enrichment and nonetheless wrote unrivalled cultural premises: suffice it to think of the influence of Greek myths, the artistic power of the Saracen and Arabic architecture or the spicy flavours of certain typical dishes to get a sense of what holidays in Puglia can offer.