Gargano sea: the pride of Puglia

Protected by Verisgn


Gargano, a chalky promontory, is situated in northern Puglia and extends over an area of more than 2000 kmq, jutting out into the Adriatic sea and this is why it is defined as “spur of Italy”.


 All along the Mediterranean coastlines, you are unlikely to happen upon such a place as the Gargano National Park, the only large protected area in Puglia, which contains a rich biodiversity in a relatively small area. You will discover a microcosm, a biological island. In this corner of the Adriatic sea you can enjoy a one-day trip through the mediterranean natural range, discovering many different habitats within very few kilometres.


The Park vegetation ranges from thick woods to tangled shrubbery of mediterranean scrub, from impressive karst plateaus to steep cliffs overhanging above the splendid Gargano sea and dotted with wonderful caves, from steep-sided and wooded valleys sloping down towards the coastline to the coast lagoon of Lesina and Varano or the Frederick II Marshes. Also the Tremiti Islands, only archipelago in Puglia, surrounded by a crystal-clear sea and rich in caves, are of great importance to the Gargano National Park.