You need but a hotel and a map to love Lucera
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Dotted with hotels, Lucera, as the 2008 award from Apulia region recites, is an artistic town, rich in important and precious historical monuments making it important to the province of Foggia: a proof of the total assimilation of old remains into the modern urban tissue.


Belonging to different historical periods, the monuments in Lucera tell the hotels guests about the past of the town, taking them to the origins that can be traced back to the Roman empire. As the beautiful amphitheatre shows, Lucera was a Roman colony, a loyal and reliable ally during the punic wars.


The highest splendour was reached under the power of Frederick II of Swabia, who had his “palatium” built in Lucera, of which we now have the building perimeter and a tower. Easily reachable from the Relais in Contrada , the Federician castle then became an Angevin fortress under the reign of Charles II of Anjou who also ordered the construction of the Cathedral of the Assunta in 1300, a great example of gothic-angevin, famous for the main facade rose window.