The flavors of an Apulian farmhouse
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The typical Apulian cuisine of the restaurant 'Locanda Pampanelle' in Relais in Contrada is a pleasure that involves all the senses: the great variety of fruit and vegetables, the aroma of spices and wild herbs, the unique flavors enhanced with extra virgin olive oil, the intensity of cheeses and preserves. Everything comes together to put on the table dishes of extraordinary simplicity and an undisputed and recognized culinary greatness.
The kitchen of the restaurant 'Locanda Pampanelle' is frugal but refined. The uniqueness of the dishes is supported by the exclusive use of local ingredients to guarantee continuity with the past. The bread comes in every size and shape. The homemade pasta is  the basis of many recipes, accompanied by the inevitable olive oil, vegetables and herbs and combined with meat sauce or fish from the nearby Adriatic coast.
At the restaurant 'Locanda Pampanelle', authenticity has declined in inventions that tell the stories, traditions, and all the wealth of this land